A Saturday stroll up the garden path

Hello! We’re entering June splendour and as it’s been a while, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take you on a little tour of the garden, meeting you at the front gate, ambling slowly up the path and then round the corner for a little surprise.

Starting at the gate, spilling out onto the pavement is a mound of campanula, all abuzz with bees.

Just on the other side, where another Campanula colony is taking hold, you might snap up a few of my excess veggie seedlings. I have been overwhelmed this year, and if someone else gets pleasure from them, that’s fine by me.

Freebie! Aubergines, Chillis, Sweet Peppers, and a Strawberry

So let’s take in this path then – English cottage garden exuberance on your right, more shady hedgy blobs on your left.

The roses set the tone – we walk up the path sniffing them all. This first one isn’t for scent but is a massive hit with insects, including beetles and bees. Growing a simple single-flowered rose will welcome in the wildlife. This is ‘Ballerina’, a hybrid musk that also has lovely little orange hips in the autumn.

Alchemilla mollis dots the path with splashes of chartreuse foamy spays as you walk up. This is a plant I wouldn’t be without, it’s such a great foil for the softer cottage garden pastels. After all, it’s name means Chemistry in Arabic (Al-keemya, Alchemilla).

Among the shrubs in the shade is this elegant fairy-like Tiarella ‘Pink Skyrocket’. Perfect for a shady spot. Note the interesting deeply-divided leaves.

About halfway up now, we turn around to look back the way we came. A grouping of chives, Geum ‘Mrs J Bradshaw’ and ferny fennel makes a pleasing group.

It’s supposed to be pastels only here, but I break my own rules pretty often, so hence the splash of vibrant red. The bumblebees are happy.

And you can’t have cottage garden without geraniums!

Finally we’ve reached the top, where some sage is flowering its socks off in front of the hobbit window (Belgian houses all have cellars!).

I mentioned roses. I haven’t lingered on the path roses as their moment is coming soon, but these two on the corner draw the eye to the main garden. The yellow climber is unknown but adored, while below ‘Tess of the D’Urbevilles” reminds me of English Lit A-level classes, and is as feisty as Thomas Hardy’s heroine.

And finally, round the corner, a surprise! Sadly we lost one of our chickens to the fox recently, but these two are ok for now in their mini-meadow.

I’ll be back to show you the rest of the garden another time. Am not following the 6 on Saturday format today, but gardens galore are to be found on Garden Ruminations.

25 thoughts on “A Saturday stroll up the garden path

  1. Always a nice choice of flowers and very pretty colours. The campanula carpet is really beautiful in the first photos. The bees must be delighted.
    I smiled while reading the “hobbit window” but it seems to be the reality!

  2. I always like seeing the overall views of a garden, it helps to visualise where individual plants fit into a planting scheme. You have a beautiful house as well as garden. Hope all your business ventures are going well.

    1. Thank you on both counts. Was doing another workshop this morning, all going well, and last set of RHS exams in a couple of weeks. Will be glad when those are over and done with!

  3. Compared with what I’ve seen the past years, your garden has turned into a small paradise now ! My compliments Sel for your gardening skills !
    So nice that you also give away some plants for free 🙂
    Many greets, Rudi

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