A Brit abroad with a garden

Welcome to my blog!

English teacher, journalist, and various other career swerves have brought me here, to a little garden on the outskirts of Brussels where I spend as much time as I can spare obsessing over plants. For many frustating years, I didn’t have my own garden as we were unsettled and renting for too long after leaving the UK. Now it’s been a few years that I have my own patch of earth to play with, and what a wonderful thing that is. I wouldn’t mind a few more acres of course, and I have yet to meet a gardener who has enough space, so I think I am not alone there. Well, here are my ramblings and my ups and downs, I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the madness.

Where is my garden?

In Brussels, Belgium. A small-ish town garden but a stone’s throw from a beautiful and ancient forest of beech trees, the Sonian Forest. 

Beech trees in the forest

What is my gardening style?

I am fully signed up to organic gardening, I try to be as wildlife friendly as possible and mix in some fruit and veg into the space that is available (pretty small, a rasied bed with an extension and a few stray veg in the flower borders – but it’s surprising what you can do). I love the cottage garden style, but I also like experimenting with other ideas. It’s hard to stick to one style when there are so many tempting plants out there – I am sure you know what I mean!

Borage, loved by bees
Front path in May, in the Cottage Garden style