A Brit abroad with a garden

Welcome to my blog!

I have a garden on the outskirts of Brussels in Belgium, where I spend as much time as I can spare enjoying my plants and growing some fruit and veg. Growing up in the Middle East and in Kent, England, I’ve always loved nature, plants and the great outdoors. I’m one of those people who has to find an excuse to leave my desk and pop outside the minute the sun shines! Gardening provides the perfect opportunity for that and for moments of escape and contentment. Lately, I have increasingly tried to welcome wildlife into the garden, and it gives me great pleasure in a world gone mad to do a tiny little something to make it a more sustainable place.

The vibrant border in early June

Gardening is one of those great connective things that can evoke past memories, ground us in the present moment or take us into the future with all our plans for our gardens. I am The Nostalgic Gardener – especially true when I first moved to Belgium over a decade ago – but I’m also always looking forward to the next gardening experience. Hope you’ll enjoy my blog and all these lovely plants, and the wonderful wildlife they support.