Why buy roses in February?

#whybuyrosesinfebruary is a campaign by S.S.A.W, a collective representing sustainable florists. It aims to pose a question that few delighted romantics are likely to ask themselves as they blushingly receive a dozen red roses from their beloved. Why buy roses in February? Before I go on, I seek not to blame either the giver or the receiver of roses. There are many things that need … Continue reading Why buy roses in February?

Roses and more for the Jubilee

I’m back! Apologies for my general absence on the blogosphere this past month. I could give you quite a few excuses, there’s been a lot going on, too much, plus the small matter of a completely overgrown allotment to wrestle with. The allotment has distracted me and it’s been more challenging than I imagined to allocate attention to both it and my garden – eeek! … Continue reading Roses and more for the Jubilee

Six on Saturday: 19 June 2021: Bloomsday

The title for this week’s Six on Saturday is inspired by a small Bloomsday gathering I was invited to this week by an Irish friend/neighbour. The idea is to commemorate and celebrate the life of Irish writer James Joyce, whose famous novel Ulysses features the protagonist Leopold Bloom. Bloomsday takes place on 16 June, the same day the action takes place in the novel in … Continue reading Six on Saturday: 19 June 2021: Bloomsday

Notes from a soggy garden

It’s been raining, a lot, a deluge that just keeps on coming. Gardeners up and down the country have been complaining, somewhat bitterly, that growth is slow, seedlings are sulking, French beans aren’t germinating and slugs are thriving; but on the other hand, the plants themselves just go about their business: growing, flowering, preparing to reproduce. The plants in the ‘cool shades’ east-facing border seem … Continue reading Notes from a soggy garden

Six on Saturday: 23 Jan 2021: Catkins

I’m still a little high on the novelty of a patch of blue sky and a few weak but welcome rays of sunshine, which arrived here yesterday after weeks of grisaillle (the Belgian/French word for miserable, grey weather: as grim as it sounds). Today also looks promising and mild. I had a lovely bike ride in the forest yesterday, getting a bit carried away with … Continue reading Six on Saturday: 23 Jan 2021: Catkins

In a vase on Monday: A tale of two seasons

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share a vase of materials gathered from our gardens. I have to confess that on a grey day like today (I know, another one!), I didn’t think I’d even venture out into the garden, but then I did anyway, without high hopes. I picked a sprig of Helleborus argutifolius, mainly going to seed now, as I … Continue reading In a vase on Monday: A tale of two seasons

Cottage garden favourites

My front path is at its best in May and into the beginning of June. The roses are in full swing, and they look really good now with their cottage garden companions: Nepeta (cat mint), alliums and geraniums. I’ve chosen these plants for three main reasons: They attract pollinators, especially bees. This area has been buzzing non-stop ever since the Nepeta came into flower in … Continue reading Cottage garden favourites