A berry nice time

A little departure from Six on Saturday this week to tell you about my autumnal foraging! I’ve always loved the berries that adorn the trees and shrubs at this time of year, dripping from branches or twinkling on bare stems like little red, orange or yellow jewels. For a few years now, I’ve been eyeing the rosehips that appear on a large shrub rose by … Continue reading A berry nice time

Six on Saturday: 02 Oct 2021: Musical Chairs

It’s the best time of year to be moving plants, but once you get started, it’s like an interminable game of Musical Chairs, digging up a plant, putting another in its place, then having to find a new place for the first plant, finding one that has an occupant, moving that occupant, and so on, then realising you’ve run out of places and have a … Continue reading Six on Saturday: 02 Oct 2021: Musical Chairs