Romantic June: Six on Saturday

I was recently asked what my gardening style was by fellow blogger, book reviewer and garden enthusiast Rosie Amber who’s kindly featuring my garden on her blog this coming Sunday. I think that ‘romantic cottage garden’ sums it up best, and what month can be more romantic that June, billowing with roses and cottage garden favourites? Here are a few pics to share with you … Continue reading Romantic June: Six on Saturday

A Saturday stroll up the garden path

Hello! We’re entering June splendour and as it’s been a while, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take you on a little tour of the garden, meeting you at the front gate, ambling slowly up the path and then round the corner for a little surprise. Starting at the gate, spilling out onto the pavement is a mound of campanula, all abuzz with bees. Just … Continue reading A Saturday stroll up the garden path

My monthly Fab Five: October

So, mid-October, there is a nip in the air, and the garden is dominated by the slow but steady leaf fall from our neighbours’ lime and hornbeam trees, which cover almost everything in about half of our back garden. Yes, they make a terrible mess and it’s a lot of work clearing them, so nowadays I have kind of given up on having a tidy … Continue reading My monthly Fab Five: October

Chaos theory in the garden

How much chaos is tolerable in the garden, and to what extent should we strive for order and its accompanying neatness? I’ve been thinking about this recently as I wonder just how many exuberant nasturtiums and calendulas I should weed out of my veg plot. When romantic tumbling cottage garden charm becomes untidy, is it time to be ruthless? Ordered rows of veg and flowers … Continue reading Chaos theory in the garden

Cottage garden favourites

My front path is at its best in May and into the beginning of June. The roses are in full swing, and they look really good now with their cottage garden companions: Nepeta (cat mint), alliums and geraniums. I’ve chosen these plants for three main reasons: They attract pollinators, especially bees. This area has been buzzing non-stop ever since the Nepeta came into flower in … Continue reading Cottage garden favourites