Gardening workshops

For those of you who want to improve your gardening skills and knowledge, and live in Belgium, welcome to my gardening workshops!

Gardening can be intimidating – there’s lots to learn and so many plants, products and methods out there. These workshops aim to simplify things for you, to give you a good grounding in the basics and help you on your way to becoming a happy and successful gardener!

The principles behind these workshop are:

  • To gain confidence by learning more about plants and what they need to grow well.
  • To garden sustainably, in harmony with nature and not against it.
  • To have fun and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that gardening brings.

The workshops:

How to design your garden (new short course!)

We will cover the essentials of how to create a beautiful garden, including:

  • What makes a good design: balance, symmetry, movement, focal points, coherence, scale (using examples from real gardens, photos, books etc.)
  • Different garden styles: formal and informal, cottage, city, woodland etc. and how to create the look
  • How to create a border: mimicking nature to create upper-storey, mid-storey and under-storey
  • How to use colour effectively: some basic ideas from the colour wheel and how to create mood with colour
  • Selecting the right plants: some examples of right plant, right place and how certain plants work well together (contrast, texture, structure, wildlife value)

This is a series of three workshops forming a short course. Dates for winter 2022 coming soon!

An example of a cottage garden style border from my own garden

Gardening basics: what you really need to know

As a gardener, it’s your job to give your plants the best possible conditions for growth, and then let them do the hard work! We will look at how to maximise the potential of your plants, so they give their very best, by focusing on:

  • Looking after your garden soil, an often-overlooked but essential aspect of gardening
  • Sustainable watering and mulching
  • Organic matter, including making your own compost
  • Feeding your plants – why, when, how and with what
  • The principle of ‘right plant, right place‘, with some examples from around the garden
  • Dealing with pests and diseases, without harming the environment

This workshop is 2.5 hours long, and costs 25 Euros.

Next available dates for Gardening Basics: coming soon: dates for spring-summer 2023

Easy-peasy veg growing

There’s nothing like the taste of home grown veg, fresh from your plot, or pots, and grown without any harmful pesticides. It’s good for you, it’s good for the planet (think zero food miles) and it’s good for your wallet (for the cost of a packet of seed, you can have many delicious meals). This workshop will introduce you to ‘growing your own’ from seed, and show you how you can get great results by following a few simple techniques. We will then look at how to grow a selection of classic veg, from lettuces and cucumbers to carrots and peas, and many more, depending on what’s best to grow at that time of year.

This workshop is 2.5 hours long, and costs 25 Euros.

Next available dates for Easy-peasy veg growing: coming soon: dates for spring-summer 2023

Sign up for a workshop:

Content will be flexible, depending on participants’ interests, skills and experience, and the time of year. All workshops take place in Watermael Boitsfort, Brussels (address upon registration).

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