In a vase on Monday: A tale of two seasons

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share a vase of materials gathered from our gardens.

I have to confess that on a grey day like today (I know, another one!), I didn’t think I’d even venture out into the garden, but then I did anyway, without high hopes. I picked a sprig of Helleborus argutifolius, mainly going to seed now, as I find the lime green quite cheering. Then I started pruning some of the roses along the front path, and there were still some soft pink blooms bravely hanging on. So we have a combo of June flowering roses and winter flowering Hellebore. Well, it takes all sorts.

I added a few sprigs of variagated ivy, a couple of fern leaves that have still remained green despite usually being brown at this time of year, and then finally one of my favourites, silver helichrysum. My hand now smells slightly of curry, but that’s ok, because the vase itself smells of roses!

26 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: A tale of two seasons

  1. The posy belies the season, and you are right to choose roses, with the lime green of the helleborous with ivy and then the curry plant. Quite charming.

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    1. Thanks Noelle! I just realised it’s Helleborus argutifolius not foetidus, ooops, have edited to correct. It is lovely to have the roses right next to me now, if I dip my nose in, I get the faintest scent of summer – I find it helps to stay focused on what’s to come!


  2. Sadly the link to your post wasn’t right, but I have corrected it so it should be easier for people to find you.

    What a delightful vase you are sharing with us with its lovely soft colours – certainly not what we would expect in January! The rose is amazing – how its petals have survived the winter wetness, I can’t imagine! Hope you had a lovely birthday, Sel 😊

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    1. Oh thank you Cathy, both for sorting that link (not sure what went wrong there) and for the birthday wishes! Those roses are certainly tough, I was also impressed that they made it this far. A bit like the rest of us, eh? 😉


      1. Haha, yes! With the link, I make sure I publish the post, click view post and then highlight and copy the url. It should also offer the option of a short link, possibly when you first publish it. When I clicked on your original link it just took me to my own site – can’t imagine why though!

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    1. Thanks Kristine, we’re having a strange year weather-wise, it’s been very mild here in Belgium, so the roses continued to bloom, and the hellebores were early. Global warming related I guess…


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