Six on Saturday: July highlights

Hello! It’s been an interesting July so far from a gardening perspective: the weather has been cool and there have been quite a few rain showers at regular intervals. This has been most welcome as I haven’t had to water much (apart from the greenhouse) and I feel that everything is looking fresher than usual at this time of year.

I have felt torn between trying to keep the garden looking good and keeping up with the allotment, two babies both demanding lots of attention! I try to give them both the love they deserve but we all know that parents have their favourites, don’t we?

The front path is getting minimal care but the ox-eye daisies are a great filler for the gap in the flowering of the roses. This is Leucanthemum vulgare. It attracts a huge array of insects including some pretty beetles.

One child that insists on attention is the Dahlia. Feed me! Mollycoddle me! Then, look at me! This is the glorious ‘Chat Noir’ in a pot on the terrace, duly protected from slugs.

In stark contrast, here is the kid we all dream of having: easy, trouble-free and high performing. Hemerocallis ‘Stafford’ never disappoints.

Allotment bambinos are a mixed bag. They grow up fast but then want you to pick them up, take them places and do things with them. Here are some ideas of what to do with the berries this summer.

Some people have too many children. I fear this is the case with Tomatillos. Two parents, millions of offspring. This is my first time with them. I guess we will be eating a lot of salsa verde.

A bit of family planning is required. I am looking forward to Chard ‘Bright Lights’ cheering me up during autumn and winter. Now’s the time to sow it.

Draw what lessons you will from this family saga! That was Six on Saturday, have a great weekend!

28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: July highlights

  1. What I learned above all, you can make lots of delicious things with the berries in your garden – LOL
    Your front garden looks realy nice and your “children” seems to be very happy. You can be proud of your gardenwork Sel. Thank for the overview of the first part of the month of July.
    Have a nice weekend and many greets.

  2. Love the children analogy! I expect we can all think of some to add…sulky child in the corner, refusing to take part! Noisy child who wants all the attention…look at me, look at me!

  3. When I had a big garden my plant children were often hungry and thirsty and neglected, even if well loved, because I just had too many to care for properly. Now with a small garden, they are plump and healthy and in danger of being spoilt. I love your soft fruit ideas.

  4. I just planted chard too. Love the stuff and somehow it didn’t get in when I planted everything else. I better make sure that there are not too many leaners – my leaners are mostly dill reseeds.

  5. Such and enjoyable post. I love growing the rainbow chard as it looks so pretty; even if it doesn’t all get eaten I can admire it. I shall endeavour to love all my plant children the same both the difficult and the undemanding!

  6. Oh you’ve been busy with the fruits of your labor! It all looks delicious! And the ‘Chat Noir’ dahlia is lovely. Glad the rain hasn’t been too much for you. 🙂

    1. They taste a little sour (like a tomato crossed with a lime) but that can be a good thing sometimes! Am amazed by the productivity of these plants. Will need to try out a few new recipes with them 🤔

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