Storm damage

More torrential rain in Belgium with further flooding in places, more upturned cars (a phone typo had this as ‘upturned cats’, as far as I know this isn’t a phenomenon but you never know) and muddy streets. Hope those climate talks are going well. A particularly heavy shower today brought down a heavy dahlia stem, so in they came!

The sea urchin is Dahlia ‘Bora bora’, and there’s also Dahlia ‘Antibes’ and scented pelargonium leaves. Sometimes I am reluctant to cut perfectly good flowers for a vase, but in this case the weather decided for me.

19 thoughts on “Storm damage

  1. I’ve ticked ‘like’ but I don’t like what the weather is doing to your garden and the wider environment (though I do like the thought of upturned cats). The dahlias look lovely – a good rescue. We’re still waiting for rain in North Wales, though I believe there has been torrential rain “down South” with flooding in parts of London, though that may have been yesterday. Rain is forecast for the remainder of the week. Stay safe (and mud and cat free).

  2. If science is correct, and it most undoubtedly is, this is just the start of horrendous weather. Who knows what the future holds but we may look back upon this year as a good one…I hope that is not the case.
    Your dahlias are beautiful. Mary Beth has a nice row and just finished staking them. She does not cut them either.

    1. Thanks Steve, it does feel like a brave new world, let’s hope that we can reverse some of the damage – trying to be optimistic, but it’s not easy. Just this morning on the radio I was listening to Dave Goulson talking about the alarming rate of extinction among insects.

      1. The insect apocalypse. It is upon us. My pessimist self think that there will be a sudden collapse of our food supply due to the loss of insects and, of course, especially pollinators.The disregard for scientists’ warning is quite distressing. Those whose profit depends on ignoring warnings are a serious problem and we are trying to recover from four years of a denier of everything science.

      2. I know, it’s distressing indeed. I’ve recently ordered a book which isn’t going to cheer me up, it’s called Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse.

      3. That title reminded me of a film, Silent Running, about space ships carrying the last vestiges of flora from Earth. Not a happy premise either.

      4. I think I heard about that, I’ll ask my other half, who likes Sci Fi. There’s also that frightening one about the effects of soil erosion, Interstellar, very good but scary!

  3. So sorry to hear this… the summer weather is very exceptional this year. Is this the start of the changes they warned us about for so long…. ? Enjoy the saved flowers inside and let’s hope this will be the only damage in your garden…

  4. Hi Sel. Let’s hope that is the last of the storms. They missed us completely this time, with just a few spots of rain. Your dahlias are a delight, and I can recommend the regular cutting of flowers for a vase! 😉

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