Soon I’ll be busy (6 on Saturday)

It was a sunny start for the chickens today, like me they do take every opportunity to bask when sunshine is on offer.

The chickens don’t have a cockerel, I don’t think we could get away with it. One has to try to be on good terms with one’s neighbours and I doubt that a 5 am start to the day would be conducive to this. We do have a substitute though, surveying seedlings sown last autumn that need potting on when I next have several hours to spare. Wallflowers, foxgloves and honesty. Groan!

I have had good germination rates on all my vegetable seeds: aubergines, sweet peppers, chillis and various tomatoes. Ooh I can almost taste a summer ratatouille!

I have also been planning the veg plot (allotment) this year. Last year was a bit overwhelming and haphazard as I battled through the weeds of the new plot but this year looks more promising, there are even a few beds ready for planting in! I will be trying out some new vegetables including cluster beans and radish pods.

Back to the here and now, there is an unfurling of leaf and an imminent bursting of bud, spring really is about to get underway in my garden. The leaves of Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’ for example. Apparently it’s one of the first Japanese maples to leaf out in spring.

The buds of Chaenomeles japonica, the Japanese quince are also opening up in the glade, although this year the bees haven’t been visiting yet, still too cold for them I imagine.

That’s all for this week’s round up, short but sweet. This post is part of the Six on Saturday collective, follow the link for more.

20 thoughts on “Soon I’ll be busy (6 on Saturday)

  1. ooh! Amazing first red acer leaves! They are still dormant here (other varieties).
    For now, if I had to cook a ratatouille, I would only have tomatoes and chillies. The aubergines and sweet peppers have not yet germinated.

    1. I put my seedlings on a heat mat, they germinate really fast (but I have to be careful they don’t dry out too fast! Lost a few. This Katsura has gorgeous leaves, I will feature it again when they are out.

  2. Great solution to make the lady chickens and the neighbours happy 🙂
    your garden plans look great and they young seedlings seems to be very healthy. Lot of succes Sel !

  3. Lovely to see the chickens and I’m sure you are right not to get a cockerel. I had thought cock crow was dawn until I stayed at a campsite which had a cockerel. He started crowing while it was still dark. Your young seedlings look very healthy and it looks like you will be practically self sufficient in veg with your allotment.

    1. I have a long experience with cockerels (my Mum kept chickens too) you are right, they start very early in the day! If I lived in rural isolation I would get one as the hens prefer it, they feel more relaxed.

  4. Beautiful quince, that is definitely a sign of spring. And the acer in the sun looks lovely. Always good to start with an allotment plan even if tangents creep in. Good luck with it all.

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