Hotels: Six on Saturday, 25 June 22

A brief Six on Saturday today from my phone. I have been ill and under the weather this last week, so I did some ‘slow gardening’, of the not very energetic sort. I hope my energy levels go up soon as I need to sow some biennials and some veg for the autumn-winter season at the allotment – yes us gardeners need to plan ahead and stopping is not an option!

So first up in the slow gardening category is this insect hotel that I am creating, partly inspired by Francis Tophill’s show garden at Gardeners World Live – I loved what she did blending rusted industrial chic with naturalistic planting. The plan is to make several of these crates and create a tower with some planting spaces too and put it against our wall.

Maybe a critter like this lovely longhorn beetle will move in.

Next up is the lawn / meadow which is awash with clover and therefore with bees. The nice thing about clover is it keeps the grass fresh and green even through these long dry spells we’ve been having. Yes I have been spending a lot of time lounging on the deckchair!

Next up the little pond. I introduced the duckweed to deal with a problem with algae. This might be swapping one problem for another but I think it’s better this way! Frogs have been sighted around the garden so can’t be too bad.

In a moment of industry, I moved this Canna lily to fill a gap in the vibrant border (which is going through a quiet phase). Can’t believe it’s looking so well after a miserable winter in my house with browning leaves and attacks of spider mites. I am a recent convert to Cannas and now feel I need more of them (but I won’t feel that in winter, I know!).

Round to the front path now, where the Oxeye daisies are bring a light summery touch.

And to finish off, am so happy with the sweet peas this year, been picking bunches and bunches for the house. The aphids did go for them at one point but since then three ladybirds moved in and seemed to have polished them off (there is a bonus pic of the ladybirds in action).

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting SOS and hope everyone has a great weekend, whether slow or fast gardening, or just a spot of lounging.

31 thoughts on “Hotels: Six on Saturday, 25 June 22

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling too well, if it is the same there as it is here, I don’t think the stormy weather helps energy levels. I made a mistake with my sweet peas this year, buying short ones which are dreadful, I look at yours with envy. You canna is looking good and I love ox-eye daisies! Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Love the ox-eye daisies. I think my front border could benefit from a few clumps to replace the astilbes which are no happy where they are since the summers are hotter. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, hope you feel better soon.

  3. Algae and no duckweed here so I cover the pond with waterlily leaves and oxygenating plants. It limits the summer invasion of algae… Have a good recovery.

  4. Being ill sucks especially in summer, it’s taken me three weeks to get through my non-covid, but covid like symptoms! I hope you feel better soon. I’m a bit on the fence with regard to bug hotels, I sort of think that bugs will make their homes wherever they want if you aren’t a gardener who tidies up everything. I know some of them (hotels) can look quite pretty, but I have to wonder if they are necessary.

    1. Yeah you’re right that summer and being ill are a bad combo, seems like such a waste! Better today though, I did have Covid for the first time. Was so exhausted! Re bug hotels yes true I think the bugs do as they please! It’s more to make a feature and as I hold gardening workshops here, a talking point and to signal to people the importance of looking after creatures in the garden and not being scared of them, insects especially!

  5. I like the look of your bug hotel, and the larger concept for partially planted tower sounds very promising. I am also new to cannas and hoping mine will rebound after a difficult winter. Yours looks fantastic in the border. The oxeyes are particularly pleasing in combination the the feverfew (?), which seem to echo their structure and color in miniature.

  6. Francis Tophill’s show garden was very impressive. Your insect hotel is looking good and I love the bonus shot of the ladybirds. I’ve not seen many in the garden but there have been lots of their larvae and pupa cases so they must be quite a few about. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. There’s no good time for a cold but they do seem more bothersome the summer when we have so much to do outdoors. Hope that whatever is ailing you passes and you are at full spee din the garden.
    I like that idea of an insect hotels. And plants too.

    1. Thanks Steve, nice of you to check in, I have been admiring your frogs and insects from afar (am not back up to full speed on blogging yet). Feeling quite a bit better but a residual cough is annoyingly hanging around.

  8. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling under the weather and hope you feel better soon. The crate tower looks very pretty so I’m sure you’ll attract plenty of bugs.

  9. Hope you are feeling better now. I like the bug hotel, quite luxurious with attractive decor. The daisies are so cheerful. Like “Off the edge gardening”, I have grown the short sweet peas which are pathetic. Yours are lovely

    1. Thanks Granny I remember actually being jealous of your sweet peas last year, when mine failed miserably. They do seem to like it in the veg bed, which has rich soil.

  10. Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I hope you regain your vitality soon! I love the insect hotel idea, and think it is very clever! It will be interesting to see what insects use it. Love the sweet peas! They must smell heavenly!

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