Six on Saturday: a Kentish coastal garden: 21 Aug 2021

This week’s six comes from my mother’s front garden on the Kentish coast. After considerable entanglement in red tape and form-filling and testing, I have made it to England at last.

The coast nearby

1 Pebbles and stone. The weather has been rather dull and grey, but it still feels good to be back and to see the sea again. It’s a pebble beach here, and several pebbles and stones make a nice feature of the gravel garden.

2 Feathery grass. This big clump of pink wispy grass in one corner of the garden is looking great. Not sure what it is though!

3 Rosemary. Also enjoying the good drainage and sunny aspect is this rosemary, creating some aromatic seating.

4 Musa (banana). It’s very mild here, so ideal for those exotics that would need mollycoddling in most other parts of the country.

5 Cyperus papyrus. Another nice structural plant, this papyrus is a reminder of Egypt, where my mother spent some happy times visiting the stunning Valley of the Kings in Luxor, boat trips on the Nile, long, hot sunny days…it’s a beautiful country.

6 Passiflora caerulea. Growing on the fence, this is another plant that does well here.

That’s all for now, next week normal service in Belgium will resume, assuming we get back across the border with the requisite forms and tests. The days of careless, spontaneous travel are a distant memory. Virtual visits continue unhindered though, so to see more gardens around the world pop over to The Propagator. Have a great weekend!

26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: a Kentish coastal garden: 21 Aug 2021

  1. A little oasis. 😃 Glad you made it back. Must be great to see your family! I am still dithering…. no direct flights from Munich make it a marathon journey with a FFP2 mask the whole way. Not sure if I can manage that as I get a bit panicky with a mask on. Enjoy the rest of your stay Sel. Good luck with the return trip. 🐝


    1. Thanks Cathy. My problem is I still have a very strong emotional attachment to England, despite living abroad for 12 years, so for me this trip was so necessary! I am the nostalgic gardener after all 😉but travel is far from simple and I do understand why you might hesitate with such a tricky journey and the mask thing. I presume it would be too long to drive? (from what I hear from neighbours driving through Europe was OK and they had no checks on land borders).

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      1. That is interesting. We are led to believe they are checking everyone and if you don’t have the necessary papers you miss the flight/ferry! I drove alone once, many years ago, but it is an awful long way and I don’t think I would manage it now.


  2. I’m glad to hear you made it to England despite all the rules and regulations to follow. I enjoyed seeing your Mums garden with all its exotics. The passion flower looks amazing. The Rosemary seat made me smile. I noticed I have an (unintended) clematis bench here.

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  3. I’m so glad you have managed to get back to see your family. Our son-in-law and one grandson go back to Dubai this morning but our daughter is staying for a couple more weeks to see our granddaughter settled into a boarding school in Wiltshire to do her A levels…..her choice since so many of her Dubai schoolfriends have moved back to the UK. Anyway, what a lovely garden with a big variety of plants. My rosemary gets bigger all the time, like you I have planted it in the clay ground. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


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