16 thoughts on “Lunch

    1. I’ve seen lots in my garden this year – there are also a lot of aphids for them to eat but I don’t mind. Have just been witnessing a massive social media row on my FB gardening group on how to handle aphids.

      1. Sounds fun! And what’s the consensus? I generally squash them if there’s not too many, or use soapy water.

      2. There isn’t one! One very irate lady who sprays her roses is accusing the non-sprayers and leave-well-aloners of hypocrisy because they too damage the environment by driving their cars etc.! People can’t seem to agree to disagree anymore…

      3. Mmm… well you can buy organic sprays. I have some of those. I think people are less tolerant these days. And social media seems to bring out the worst in them.

    1. Hopefully a new generation is hatching as we speak! The problem is that when gardeners remove the aphids, they are inadvertently removing the ladybird larvae too.

  1. Great, we need more of them. But now we have to worry about our native ladybirds being threatened by Asian harlequin ladybirds. The harlequins have voracious appetites though and anything that munches up aphids is fine by me.

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