23 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Icy forest

    1. Oh thanks – I was happy to come across what is normally just a muddy puddle near the entrance to the forest and see it transformed. Cold weather has its upsides! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it, Rudi – my reward for getting up early on a Sunday morning and getting my bike ride done. I was hoping to spot deer, instead it was this interesting icy puddle 😉

    1. Thanks Steve, I like those feathery patterns too, I’m not really sure how it happens, is it the imprint from a leaf under the water that got frozen? Yet the leaf itself isn’t visible.

      1. Sort of, but have stopped about half way. Some of the behaviours of fungi that he describes are fascinating but I find he labours the point about fungi being intelligent in a way we don’t understand and I’m not sure his LSD experiment proves anything other than it being a mind altering substance – I doubt somehow one becomes a mushroom with a mushroom consciousness when one takes it (not that I know!). I guess he’s a bit of a sensationalist but his subjects are interesting. I must make an effort to finish it…

    1. Indeed. I think there are probably a lot of other great books on fungi out there but without the hype. I’ve recently bought a field guide to mushrooms in the hope of identifying some of them, who knows maybe even collecting them from the forest and eating them as my Czech fried does (everyone in the Czech Republic is a mushroom hunter, she says).

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