Wordless Wednesday Whorls

A close-up which reminds me of wool.
From a distance, reminds me of a hippo’s head emerging from the water.

This was taken on my “Neolithic walk” in the forest last week, when the sun came out. I’m back indoors today, no inclination to head out into the murky greyness. I think I’ll light a fire instead, and work on my newsletter for gardeners in Belgium…

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Whorls

    1. Thanks Rudi! Glad you could see it too! I actually have a camera-related question for you, I’ll send you a message via your contact form if that’s ok, just wanted to know your opinion on something…


    1. Thanks Frogend dweller, I can only agree with you re grey days…we’re looking at a final push of cold/rain/grey then I think we’re due some sunshine. Newsletter work in progress, a nice distraction from my day job! 😉


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