Only a brief look back

I don’t like to spend too much time mulling over the past (despite being a Nostalgic Gardener!), and what I really like about New Year is the sense of possibility it offers for what’s to come. Rather like this fox (a lino print made in one of my lovely art classes), I like the feeling that there’s something round the corner that could really be rather good! Happy New Year to everyone, thanks to those who have welcomed me, a newcomer, into their blogging communities this year, or who have taken the time to leave a comment every now and then. I look forward to sharing more photos and garden stories with you in the coming year.

9 thoughts on “Only a brief look back

  1. Aquiliga seed themselves a little too freely in our garden. However they do flower at a time between spring and summer plants. Nemesia are my favourites for self seeding. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Liz, we had amazing light on the day I took the heron photos at Rouge Cloitre. Makes all the difference. Could do with some of that light these grey days!

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