The Debonaire Great Blue Heron

It was a glorious afternoon at the forest lakes by Rouge Cloitre (the Augustinian Priory of Red Cloister, on the outskirts of Brussels). My friend the heron is often there, standing contemplative by the edge of the lake. On this day, he was sporting a nice spikey quiff, giving him a rather debonaire look.

He had positioned himself on a fallen branch, and had been preening himself. Those fluffy feathers at the very tip of his beak give it away.

This is his rather special home, a medieval priory nestled in the woods, surrounded by lakes. Like the medieval monks who once lived here, the heron is rather found of a spot of fishing, as well as some quiet contemplation of course.

11 thoughts on “The Debonaire Great Blue Heron

  1. Herons used to be very shy birds but in the meantime they have adapted more to the presence of humans. Here, too, in the parks around Antwerp you sometimes see them sitting on the waterfront and some don’t even mind if hikers pass by. They are beautiful birds, both on the ground and in full flight. Nice shots Sel.

    1. Thank you! It’s absolutely true that they have got more used to humans. During this Covid period especially. This park, and the forest, can get very crowded, too crowded, but you can’t blame people for wanting get out. I hope it will help everyone to really value and safeguard wild and green spaces.

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