The stars of early spring

The weather isn’t playing ball this year, it continues to be mainly cold, wet and windy. Yet seemingly in defiance, the transformation in the garden is picking up pace, and there’s a sense of anticipation despite the somewhat uninspiring conditions. It’s the same every year, the undisputed star of early spring in my garden is Clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’, which spreads 7 metres or so … Continue reading The stars of early spring

Roses and more for the Jubilee

I’m back! Apologies for my general absence on the blogosphere this past month. I could give you quite a few excuses, there’s been a lot going on, too much, plus the small matter of a completely overgrown allotment to wrestle with. The allotment has distracted me and it’s been more challenging than I imagined to allocate attention to both it and my garden – eeek! … Continue reading Roses and more for the Jubilee

Six on Saturday: 03 July 2021: Tweeting

Not the time-wasting, relentless drivel kind of tweeting (there you have my views on Twitter, although plant tweets are perhaps the only reason I might be tempted back to it one day), I’m talking about the insistent tweeting of the little family of great tits, who have set up home in the bird box in the glade. They have been here for several weeks, and … Continue reading Six on Saturday: 03 July 2021: Tweeting