Romantic June: Six on Saturday

I was recently asked what my gardening style was by fellow blogger, book reviewer and garden enthusiast Rosie Amber who’s kindly featuring my garden on her blog this coming Sunday. I think that ‘romantic cottage garden’ sums it up best, and what month can be more romantic that June, billowing with roses and cottage garden favourites? Here are a few pics to share with you … Continue reading Romantic June: Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday: 31 July 2021: Save the insects!

It’s been a week of gusty winds and unsettled weather, but also of good-ish news: double-vaccinated EU residents are finally going to be allowed to travel to England without the need to quarantine, allowing families (like ours) to reunite. Except for anyone coming from or going through France to reach the shores of Albion, which we do. We’re told this is because there are cases … Continue reading Six on Saturday: 31 July 2021: Save the insects!

Notes from a soggy garden

It’s been raining, a lot, a deluge that just keeps on coming. Gardeners up and down the country have been complaining, somewhat bitterly, that growth is slow, seedlings are sulking, French beans aren’t germinating and slugs are thriving; but on the other hand, the plants themselves just go about their business: growing, flowering, preparing to reproduce. The plants in the ‘cool shades’ east-facing border seem … Continue reading Notes from a soggy garden