A week of flowers, or even just a day…

Today I am joining fellow gardening blogger Cathy of Words and Herbs who is celebrating all things floral and brightening up these drab winter days in the northern hemisphere. It’s uplifting to remember the garden in sunnier times and be reminded that they are coming round again, in a while!

Front path in early June

Without doubt my garden reaches peak flower-power in June, when it’s all roses, peonies, cat mint, alliums, alchemilla and clematis. If you like cottage gardens, this is for you! These are all slightly fuzzy phone photos, but never mind, you get the overall vibe.

Last June I was also invited to a Bloomsday party by an Irish friend who likes to celebrate James Joyce (or just have an excuse for a party), and I was asked to dress up in Edwardian style for the occasion. Peonies were put to good use to decorate a hat:

Just so you can see the overall effect (and check out the Salvia nemorosa behind me) here is a very rare self portrait. Nice to ‘see’ the blogger sometimes, although I think we’re all really here for the plants.

Peonies are so completely over the top, aren’t they?!

Oh summer days, come back soon!

22 thoughts on “A week of flowers, or even just a day…

  1. How nice to look back at the month of june and all the beauty of that moment in your garden. De flower arangement on your head and the bouquet is realy great. Thanks for the lovely selfie, that completes this june serie 🙂

  2. A very pretty garden path you’ve created, Sel. I love cottage garden style, with plants cavorting willy-nilly, so beautiful. I love your garden hat with peonies. A garden bride! How did you attach them?

    1. Thanks Eliza, I managed to attach the peonies with string tightly wound around the rim of the hat, though as you can see from the photo it got a bit top-heavy, peonies are big, heavy things!

  3. Don’t wish your life away! June will come all too soon. You do have a lovely summer garden though and I remember the hat. My photos for the week of flowers are all from the end of November! Maybe Cornwall is the only place that still has something in flower.

      1. Winter is not my favourite season either and I don’t even enjoy all the Christmas hullaballoo, but this year I am determined not to let it get me down! Good luck with the course!

      2. One of the big differences between living in Belgium compared to the UK is the total lack of fuss over Christmas here. It hasn’t really been commercialised at all. The bigger deal is today, Saint Nicolas, when kids get their presents. This takes the pressure off Christmas and apart from some pretty lighting in the main squares you wouldn’t really know it’s happening!

      3. The UK has been badly influenced by the USA unfortunately. Everything is commercialised! Maybe we should move to Belgium 🤔

  4. Totally charming Sel! Love the hat and the whole outfit, and I love that photo of your front pathway. It really is gorgeous with all those cottage garden flowers overflowing, and of course the roses. 😃👍

    1. Thanks Cathy it’s incredible how everything bursts into bloom in June in one great big show. Most of the roses were here when we arrived but just planted on a grassy path, looking very leggy, I took the grass out and added the perennials and it all seemed to come together 🙂

  5. I love your gorgeous garden path. I’ve always dreamed of a cottage garden, but I’ve learned to settle for California natives that get buy with far less water.

    Your hat is fabulous!

    1. Thank you! The path started off with a few roses and I added the other plants, it’s the sunniest part of the garden so I tried to make the most of it. Round the back it’s more like a woodland clearing so I had to be more careful in choosing the right plants – or learnt the hard way 😉

      1. So much of gardening is trial and error. I’ve learned over the years what survives vs what thrives, and I’ve learned a whole new way of gardening in our drought stricken state. It’s a wonderful journey though, eh?

      2. Certainly is, and the extra challenge keeps things interesting! Gardening in drought conditions might become relevant to more of us as time goes on…

      3. I’ve learned so much about gardening over the years, and I continue to learn as I grow. Water is quickly becoming the “new oil” in terms of commodities and scarcities. Our poor planet.

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