Six on Saturday: 29 May 2021: Feels like summer

Ahhhh, when I opened the kitchen door onto the garden this morning, it felt like stepping out into summer, with the added bonus that everything looked, felt and smelt so fresh after being drenched in rain for days. Outdoor living can recommence, and I might have to move the plants that have inevitably colonised the outdoor table so that we can have lunch on the terrace today. So today’s Six on Saturday marks that heartening transition from late spring into early summer:

1 Allium purple sensation. Couldn’t resist another photo of these from a funky angle, they are the most photogenic plants. Now that the weather’s improving, the bees are visiting them again in larger numbers.

2 Phacelia tanacetifolia. Speaking of bees, this one is a magnet for them. I used it as a green manure in the veg bed last autumn-winter, and I vaguely remember throwing some seed onto the vibrant border. It’s now popping up obligingly here and there, making a great little filler with its pretty foliage and eye-catching blooms, that look like hairy caterpillars before they unfurl.

3 Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’. One of my absolute favourite garden plants. This one edges the front path in a cottage garden mix with geraniums, lavender, roses and a few more alliums. Its a great one to sit beside for a few minutes and just watch bees buzz in and out all the time.

4 Geranium cantabrigiense ‘Cambridge’. Raised at Cambridge University botanic garden apparently. It’s a nice, neat and tidy geranium that edges the front path between the nepeta, and adds to the cottage garden feel of this section. Anyone following my blog will know that I am rather fond of germaniums, and if you are too, you can see two of my favourites in blue/violet flowering now on A Tale of Two Geraniums.

5 Houseplant holiday. They need a change of scene just like we do, and a good wash for that matter! I rarely have the patience or time to individually dust the leaves of my indoor plants, and why bother when they can all just come outside for a good, long shower? The rain has many upsides. Just ask the Hosta, which has revelled in it, I’ve never seen it look so fulsome, with not a single slug hole – they don’t come up here onto the table.

6 Glade upgrade. We do like to create extra work for ourselves, don’t we? Gardeners are deep down an unsatisfied bunch, always wanting to improve, to tinker and to transform. I definitely fall into that category! The glade is fading out of its spring colour now, and is increasingly shaded by the overhanging trees, but I felt that it needs a little path from the terrace round to the lawn, a miniscule little bit of mystery, leading to a Lilliputian bench which I’ve yet to acquire. I’m going to use our hazel rods to make an edging, tied together with strong cord, and fill in the path with bark chips. Does it need a lining too or can I get away without using one?

So, what am I going to do today? Well, the sun is shining, I’m very tempted to follow the example of one of our locals, and just lounge around. The gardening can wait. Thank you all for reading, and thanks as ever to The Propagator who leads us in the merry Six on Saturday dance, have a lovely weekend.

22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 29 May 2021: Feels like summer

  1. Great photo of the Alliums. Did you have to lie on the floor for that one?

    The Phacelia looks good – quite an interesting flower I think. I’ve had it one the allotment over the winter. I think the advice is to dig it in before it flowers, but as you say – it’s good for the bees 🙂

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    • There was some awkward crouching involved for the allium photo, trying not to crush other plants! I dug in the Phacelia in the veg patch before flowering but it’s popping up again regardless, even in the veg patch.

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  2. I see we share an affinity for ‘Purple Sensation’ and ‘Walker’s Low’. Have you tried other Nepeta varieties like ‘Six Hills Giant’ (big) or ‘Kit Kat’ (little)? Enjoy your lolling!


  3. Aha, now I know what has popped up on my garden thanks to your photo of the Phacelia. No idea how it got there, but Iam now glad I didn’t pull it out when weeding. Your houseplants look very happy (as does pussy cat😉) and the shady area is lovely.

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  4. I’d class myself as an Allium lover, although I only have a few. I’m amazed at the sturdiness of the stem. High winds here two weeks ago didn’t bother them. Yours look great,while mine are just past best.
    I hope some lounging around got done! 👏

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  6. What a pretty calico! I don’t often see the dark kind. I have some of the same plants, the catmint and the purple tansy. Boy, do my bumblebees go for that! I don’t have as many houseplants as I used to, my house now has poor sunlight. I do have one room, and half of the plants come outside once it’s spring. They grow so much during their outdoor time!


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