Earthy tones: in a vase on Monday

My dahlias are on borrowed time now, so I saved a couple from the wild, wet weather, and added the richly scented Viburnum farreri to this earthy tones arrangement. As mentioned in a previous post for Six on Saturday, this shrub is down by my compost heap so it seemed like I should do it the favour of more sustained attention! The scent is wonderfully sweet, but the flowers drop off very quickly indoors, so it’s a question of enjoying it for an evening. The terracotta figures of Anthony Gormley’s Field for the British Isles are just visible on the print above, they are looking on intently.

There are also a couple of orange rose hips, some Pennisetum sprigs and a few Continus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ leaves. Thanks to Cathy for the idea of In a Vase on Monday.

8 thoughts on “Earthy tones: in a vase on Monday

  1. You worked Viburnum farreri very nicely through the centre of the arrangement, bringing highlights which complement the golden tones of the rosehips and other blooms. We ‘fell’ into the exhibition of all these little terracotta figures on a visit to Barrington Court back in 2012…

  2. The dark foliage and pennisetum complement the peachy dahlia perfectly and the viburnum adds a nice subtle contrast.Your stoneware pot looks lovely too and definitely works well with the earthy tones of the contents. Any idea of the variety of dahlia? How tall does your viburnum grow? Thanks for joining us and hopefully see you again soon

    1. Thanks Cathy. Dahlia is Bishops’ Children which can vary quite a lot but mine were mostly these warm orangey tones. The Viburnum is a substantial shrub, about 3 m high with long arching stems. I think it’s quite old. Need to prune it!

      1. Ah yes, I though it was a bit Bishop-like! When I have tried these, there never seems to be much variation in the range, but perhaps some colours are more dominant (or seed-productive!) than others!

  3. Your arrangement is a beautiful nod to the shifting season. I wish I had some of that Viburnum in my own garden – I seem to be very short on white flowers these days. Welcome to IAVOM!

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